Auto Shipping

Auto Shipping

5 Useful Tips For Auto Shipping

Auto shipping is the type of process that can seem deceptively simple or deceptively difficult, depending on which side of the fence we are on. When we find ourselves in a situation that requires a cross country move, auto shipping can become one of our saving graces. This is a service that we should always be taking advantage of.

In order to get the most out of an auto shipping experience, there are a few simple tips that need to be followed. The time has come for a much closer examination of these pointers. These tips allow us to find the best auto shipping company for our needs and ensure that the vehicle is delivered safely.

1) Comparison Shop

When we are searching the proper shipping company, we should be willing to take our time and find out as much possible about the pricing points for each company. Before we begin to start the comparison shopping process, we need to establish a budget. Once the budget has been established, we are then able to find the company that is most able to cater to our needs.

2) Research The Company's Feedback

The feedback that the shipping company has generated is going to play a major role in our decision making process. Comparing price quotes is important and finding out about the company's past experiences is equally crucial. Do customers tend to have positive things to say about the company or is their commentary more negative? These are the aspects that need to be thoroughly researched before making a decision.

3) Understand The Carrier's Liability Limits

This is something that many of us fail to consider when we are choosing a shipping partner to assist us. The carrier is going to have liability concerns to deal with and when we do not take the time to find out more about these concerns, we are left wondering what went wrong during the latter stages of the process. The higher the value of the vehicle, the higher the liability limit we are going to need.

4) Protection From The Elements

Shipping can place a sizable amount of wear and tear on a vehicle if we are not careful. Those who own a vehicle that is particularly susceptible to the elements will want to find out as much as possible about the options that are available. A fully enclosed transport is in our best interests during these moves. Top loading is also available and while it may cost a bit more over the long haul, this process is typically in our best interests.

5) Take Before and After Photos

If any sort of issue takes place during the shipping process, it can be difficult for the owner of the vehicle to prove it. That's why we need to take the initiative to arm ourselves with the necessary photographic evidence. This keeps the shipping company from being able to obfuscate the truth once issues take place. Without photographic evidence, we are left in a classic he said/she said situation when it comes time to prove any sort of wrongdoing that has taken place.