Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transport

Your Classic Car Transport Guide

Having a classic car is amazing. It puts you among the elite classic or vintage car lovers. It’s one thing to buy an expensive car, and it’s an entirely different thing to maintain it. Most people run away from classic cars because the cost of insurance, transportation, and maintenance is relatively higher than the cost for other cars. However, with big dreams come big responsibilities. The best thing you can do is to make sure that your classic car is in good shape all the time.

How To Move Your Car From Place To Place During Relocation

So, maybe you found a job in another state, and you want to move with your family. Because of the distance and your tight schedule, you may be wondering how you can drive all the way to the new location. Well, this is when you need to seek help from classic car transport companies. These companies specialize in providing car transport services and have what it takes to move your vehicle from one location to the other efficiently. But how do you ensure the safety of your classic car during transportation?

1) Get The Right Insurance

After buying a classic car, it is important that you ask the company you want to choose for information about cargo and liability coverage. Even if you have paid for auto coverage, you still need to consider if the company has any ideas about coverage against damages. This is because your regular auto coverage might not cover damages incurred during classic car transport. The company’s representative is in the best position to tell you which coverage is best for your car.

2) Choose The Right Carrier

The company you pick should have ample experience on what is required to transport classic cars. Go for a company that has a proven track in the transportation industry. Review the feedback you find on the company’s services and learn as much as you can about the company’s history. Choose a transporter that transports cars in fully covered trucks that keep your car safe during the transport.

3) Protect Your Car

It is important that you protect your car by taking safety precautions before leaving it with the transporters. The fuel tank should be as low as possible and more than a quarter tank. The only reason why you should leave more than that is if your transporter says so. Another thing you should do is to remove your belongs from the vehicle before it is ready for classic car transport. This way, nothing will bounce around while the car is being transported.

4) Keep Conversation Lines Open

It is important that you have a way of reaching the company and those transporting your vehicle during the move. Ask them key questions regarding how they intend to pick-up and drop your vehicle in the new location. How they communicate will give you an idea of how professional they are.


Having a classic car transported from one location to the other isn’t something that should be taken lightly. You need to make up your mind regarding which company you want to employ to transport your classic car for you. It is important that you choose a reputable company. Pick a date and make arrangements with the company.