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How To Move A Vehicle Without Being Scammed

Every industry has its own fill of crooks and scammers, the vehicle transport industry is not by any means left out. Without proper discernment and attention to detail, you may end up paying more than you were supposed to pay to move a vehicle. Whether you just bought a car online and need it delivered to your home or you want to move a vehicle across state lines, there are certain steps that you must take that will help guarantee that you won't get scammed;

1) Carry our necessary inspection:

To avoid being scammed you need to inspect your car both before the shipping and when it is delivered. Your car should arrive in the same condition as it left. Before the transport company takes the vehicle do a personal inspection of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, noting down any damages or anomalies. Check the mileage on the odometer, too. Take photos to act as evidence.

When the car finally arrives, do a second inspection. You should ensure the car is not delivered to you at night, as this may hide certain flaws. After you have inspected it the second time and found it to be in the same condition as it was taken, only then can you accept a bill of landing.

2) Check credentials:

Associations and bodies are created for one reason; to guarantee that customers choose legitimate companies and not end up with scammers or quacks. Before you hire a vehicle transport company ensure they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and they have a Motor Carrier number. Do not do business with any carrier company without the necessary credentials so as to avoid being scammed.

3) Read reviews:

Reviews can give us an insight as to the true workings of a company. Reviews are what people are saying about the company. Read the reviews about any company that you are considering but be wary of companies with only positive reviews. This could be a result of manipulation or suppression of negative comments. The company's Best Business Bureau page can also tell more about a company, revealing the complaints customers have regarding them and how it was resolved.

4) Direct Carriers:

Vehicle transport companies are meant to be direct carriers, meaning they ship your vehicle(s) from one location to the other using their own trucks and drivers and do not outsource to third parties. Brokers, on the other hand, will act as intermediaries between customers and transport companies. To avoid being scammed or having to endure tumultuous experience, contract only direct carriers that have their own drivers and trucks.

5) Be wary of unusually low quotes:

When researching for a preferred transport company to move a vehicle, it is usually expected that you get quotes from different companies. If you find a quote unusually lower than the industry average, do not jump at the offer, thinking you have hit a jackpot.

Rather, dig deep into the company's terms to find out why their price is as low as it is. Chances are you will find instances where they will sell you "upgrades" for standard services. Such services are typically already included in the quotes from the other companies.


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