Open Transport

Open Transport

How To Get Quality Open Transport Service At Lower Cost

When it comes to moving your items from one location to the other, there are two major types of transportation. You either go for enclosed transport or you opt for open transport. However, a lot of people prefer open transport since it is usually much cheaper.

Whether you prefer enclosed transport or open transport, there are a few tips to apply when choosing a transportation company. These tips will help you get great transportation service at a competitive rate. The tips have been discussed right below.

Do your research

It is important you search for all the reliable transportation companies close to you. In addition, you can also seek references from friends and colleagues. You should be able to compile a long list from both options. You must reduce the list by eliminating the ones with bad reviews.

If the list is still too long, you may have to choose four service providers with the best reviews. After that, you can schedule a meeting with each of the last four.

Compare charges

The reason for shortlisting more than one mover is to compare charges and other terms of service. So, do not make the mistake of hiring one service provider without getting to meet with the others discretely.

To get the best deal, you need to compare charges and do some negotiations. However, do not base your choice on only low charges. You need to consider other factors like experience etc.

It is important to consider experience

Moving service is much more than just transferring goods from one location to the other. There are other activities involved. Removing your furniture and fittings is an important part of the service and it requires some expertise.

Being able to arrange the items firmly to prevent them from dangling and knocking against one another is another area that is important. Space maximization matters too. This is because your charges depend on the amount of space you occupy.

Since experience comes with so much expertise, you should be gunning for the most experienced company in the list. Experience comes with a price so the most experienced company may likely offer the highest charges. If cost is not a constraint, you should hire the most experienced company. It is better to pay more and have your items delivered in perfect condition than paying less and have some of your items damaged in transit.

Remember, it is not likely that any insurance company will give you full compensation. They won’t even value the damaged items at your buying cost. Instead, insurance companies will value them at their current depreciated value. That is even if you if your service provider is insured at all. Considering these possibilities, it may be more expensive to hire a less experienced company.


Some service providers offer hidden fees. It is better you deal with a company that will give you a quote before the service. Most times, companies with hidden charges will be silent about the charges before you hire them. They will only notify you about the charges when the service is in progress. So, as a rule of the thumb, you should ask from the beginning if there are other fees apart from the main charges. Let them know that you won’t be responsible for any other charges that will spring up after the main quote.